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All Health and Human Development (HHD) units are strongly encouraged to continue to engage with outside parties remotely whenever possible.  However, a request can be submitted to the Dean's Office through the HHD Visitor Request Form to obtain approval for a visitor to HHD in University Park.

For the purposes of this guideline, visitors are defined as any non-Penn State employee or non-Penn State student, as well as Penn State employees or students based at campuses other than University Park, who are invited to an on-campus activity sponsored by HHD. These could include: guest speakers, event attendees, meeting participants, vendors doing estimates or certain repairs, prospective students and families, as well as consultants, collaborating researchers, research staff, or students visiting for the purposes of research collaboration. Note that certain special classes of outside individuals coming to campus for activity sponsored by HHD can be approved through other channels and do not need to go through this visitor approval process. These include:


However, if you have any doubt as to whether approval has been obtained through another channel, please submit a request. In addition, further guidance concerning prospective student visits is available here.

The request must include the requestor’s information, visitor’s name, organizational affiliation, where the visitors are traveling from, supervisor approval, why the interaction cannot take place virtually, date/time of visit, total number of personnel participating in the visit (includes HHD personnel) and a list of planned destinations for the visit. Visitors must comply with all COVID health and safety guidelines during travel and while on campus.

Note that the requestor is responsible for obtaining a completed HHD – COVID Acknowledgement Form, including signature, from each individual visitor at the start of the visit. Signed HHD - COVID Acknowledgement forms should be scanned forwarded via email to Kevin Kelliher once the visit is complete.

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