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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
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Step 1

Responsibility: Researcher

Researcher submits HHD Return to Research Survey. One survey should be submitted per research groups (labs, research teams, etc.), and not by individuals within a research group (i.e, one request per research group).

Step 2

Responsibility: College Research Ramp-up Committee

College Research Ramp-up Committee makes decisions on priorities for return to on-campus research (See Process for Research Groups to Request Access to Campus Facilities).

Step 3

Responsibility: College Research Office

College Research Office submits a Return to Work Authorization to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research (OSVPR).

Step 4

Responsibility: College

Upon approval of the Return to Work Authorization request, the College notifies research groups of decision on requests to return to on-campus research facilities.

Step 5

Responsibility: Researcher

Once notified of approval to return and under what conditions/schedule, researcher submits EHS Lab/Research checklist to

Step 6

Responsibility: Researcher

Researcher reviews the expectations and obligations of commencement of on-campus research activities and ensures that all members of the research group understand these expectations and obligations.

Step 7

Responsibility: Researcher

Once on campus, researcher verifies the presence of the COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Businesses flyer near the spaces that will be occupied; if a poster is not present, the researcher will print and post a copy in the workspace.

Note: HHD's Pandemic Safety Officer is Kevin Kelliher, 814-865-1426;; the manager should sign and date the bottom line.