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Undergraduate Research Experiences — Fall 2020

During the 2020-2021 academic year we will be continuing to balance prioritizing the health and safety of undergraduate students with the creation of engaged scholarship activities, including research. Consequently, prior approval will be required for undergraduate students to be involved in any research activity (credit bearing, non-credit, voluntary, paid, or unpaid) that require on-campus presenceResearchers who wish to involve an undergraduate student in on-campus research activities must first receive approval through the Return to Research process.  Additional information will be collected for any listed undergraduate students during this process.   Researchers approved for on-campus research who want to add undergraduate involvement should submit a request.

Priority will be given to undergraduate or integrated undergraduate/graduate students intending to graduate by Summer 2021, those for whom a research experience is a required, credit-bearing activity, and students that have a paid position.  However, we also recognize that other research involvement can be a valuable and enriching experience, and one that can lead to multiple opportunities.

Undergraduate students cannot initiate on-campus research activity until explicit approval is granted, even if other research personnel in a research team receive approval.  Undergraduate students will be required to follow the same safety precautions and protocols for all on-campus research, and must be included in capacity limits.

As all instruction will be remote after November 20, undergraduate students cannot be required to maintain an on-campus presence after this date; students conducting research for credit must complete on-campus activities prior to this date. Additionally, alternative plans should be developed in advance for the completion of student theses dependent on on-campus research, in the event of a need to curtail on-campus research activities.