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We know that this has been a challenging time for many and we want to remind faculty and staff of the resources available to assist you in your support of our students.

  • The University has provided a resource for faculty and staff to help you when you encounter a student who may need help, which is called the Red Folder. This resource provides information on recognizing, responding, referring, and providing resources for students. If you have a student who is no longer at University Park but is close to a campus, you may want to use the resources listed for the closest campus rather than UP to help with referrals. 
  • The Student Affairs website also has many resources related to COVID-19, general health and wellness, and counseling options provided by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). CAPS will continue to offer vital student services, including same-day phone support, individual counseling, and daily virtual Life Hacks sessions. A comprehensive list of student support resources can be found on the Keep Learning website.
  • Overall guidance for students can be found at the Penn State Keep Learning website.
  • For students studying on campus and those studying away, Penn State Learning is providing tutoring and study group support. Their upcoming online “Study Smarter” sessions are a great way to help students learn good college study habits.
  • Penn State has provided guidance on technology requirements for online learning that the University is making visible to new and continuing students. Faculty should direct students who are having IT challenges.
  • WebLabs is a new offering that provides students and faculty remote access to Penn State Cooperative Lab Management (CLM) lab computers so that they can connect to the technology resources they need to complete coursework. This includes specialty software located on CLM lab computers, such as programs used in engineering and other scientific disciplines. It is available to students and faculty at most campus locations. Access the resource through the Penn State WebLabs website.
  • Across the commonwealth campuses and UP, there is a plan to provide students with loaner laptops and hotspots.  Students can log in to request loaner equipment and it will be mailed to them.