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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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Some HHD buildings may have a marked entrance and exit. If marked, individuals are expected to follow the signage appropriately. If not marked, individuals may continue to use the entrance and exit that they commonly use.

Maintain social distancing measures as you enter the building (e.g. stay at least 6 feet – about 2 arms’ length – from other people, do not gather in groups, stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings).


Before arriving on campus, familiarize yourself with expected Personal Safety Behaviors.

Transit to the Building:

Swipe ID or use key to unlock the door and enter the building.

Complete the HHD building survey  within 15 minutes of entry to log entry information.


Once inside, follow any posted traffic patterns, as applicable.

In cases of workspaces that have multiple entrances, follow marked entrances and exits, as applicable. Avoid touching anything on your way to your destination to the extent possible.

Elevator use should be reserved for ADA access and moving materials that cannot be moved safely using stairwells.  When possible, elevator occupancy should be limited to a single rider per car.  Elevators riders are encouraged to press operating buttons with a knuckle (versus the pad of a finger) to minimize potential contamination, to observe social distancing measures when entering/exiting, and to wash hands after operation. 

Animal facility lab researchers must coordinate with other animal facility lab researchers to follow all Lab Animal Resources procedures regarding occupancy in animal facilities.

While On Site

During the workday employees must maintain social distance with others in University facilities.

Face-to-face meetings and walk-in services and interactions should be eliminated in favor of remote options.

Employees who are in workspaces alone may choose not to wear a mask, but must reapply their mask in the event that another individual enters the room or office area. 

Employees should limit on-site activity to work that cannot be done effectively in a remote environment. 


Be sure that all equipment you used is wiped down and sanitized. OPP has guidelines for cleaning laboratories and electronic equipment.

Proceed to the marked building exit.  At this stage, you are still wearing a mask in accordance with PSU policies, and will be required to keep it on while on campus.

NOTE: Your mask, especially the front, is considered a contaminated object. Remove it following CDC guidelines, handle it only using the elastic bands as far as possible away from the front.

With 15 minutes of leaving the building, complete the HHD building survey to log exit information.