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We must recognize that COVID-19 is a potentially serious and very infectious disease. It is incumbent on all of us to protect the health and safety of all individuals and to preserve the capacity of our healthcare systems. We must work together to balance on-campus work activities while protecting the health and safety of the workforce and the broader community.

With this in mind, our first principal in campus return remains:  all work that can be effectively conducted remotely should continue to be conducted remotely.

However, department heads, center directors, and unit heads may request approval to return to on campus work for some faculty and staff who perform tasks that cannot continue to be done remotely. An individual faculty or staff member may also request to return to on campus work for specific aspects of their jobs that they cannot continue to successfully perform remotely. All requests must be submitted for approval through the process described below. Those permitted to return to University facilities are still expected to limit on campus activity to the extent possible.

Increasing personnel and activities in our on-campus facilities, as with any other activity that increases contact with others during these times, involves the assumption of some additional risk.  However, policies and guidelines being implemented by the University around campus return will reduce this risk.  Critically important for anyone returning to campus is to follow the established personal safety practices

All employees coming on site, either temporarily or on a routine basis, will be required to log in and out of HHD buildings and follow established personal safety practices.

Note: Throughout this guidance, “on-campus” includes any university facility or field site, including home/school visits.