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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
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The Awards Committee of the College of Health and Human Development Alumni Society Board annually accepts proposals seeking funding for small projects. The Committee will consider all applications and make funding recommendations to the Dean of the College, who will give final approval. A total of $1000 is available annually. Your budget may be greater, but the maximum grant awarded for each project will be $500, or $125 for a student presentation.


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Purpose and Description

The Health and Human Development Alumni Society created the Small Projects Grant program to provide students and faculty with an additional source of funding for projects that benefit the University community and/or enhance students’ experiences in the Penn State College of Health and Human Development. Such projects may include, but are not limited to, student organization service projects or events, undergraduate or graduate student research not pertaining to a thesis or dissertation, and projects that promote collaboration among students and faculty.

Application Procedure

  1. Applications must be received no later than March 12, 2021. Funding will be announced no later than May 1, 2021. Funds will be available beginning July 1, 2021.
  2. The request must involve a student and/or student organization recognized by the College of Health and Human Development and by Penn State. Requests for support of theses and dissertations will not be considered.
  3. The project must have a College of Health and Human Development faculty adviser/sponsor and the approval of the Department Head, School Director, or Center Director.
  4. The project must be oriented toward the enhancement of interests and purposes of the College of Health and Human Development and, directly or indirectly, toward a constituent department or school.
  5. Applications must be submitted using the application form.

Any applicant receiving a grant shall 1) provide a written report to the Committee describing the outcome of the project and 2) submit receipts showing the expenditure of the money awarded. The report and the account of expenditures must be received by the Committee no later than May 1 of the year following notification of the award.

For additional information, please contact Lindsey Zapletal at 814-867-4312 or


March 12, 2021

Small Project Grant Application
Past Recipients icon-olus-circle


Purchase of voice recorders to record infants' fussy bouts in order to develop a method of objectively quantifying the varying degrees of infant fussiness.($250)

Support presentation at the Gerontological Society of America. ($125)

Support of study that evaluates a translation of the "early Development of Emotiotional Competence in Children" assessment instrument for obtaining information regarding emotional experiences in children from Chinese-speaking families in the United States. ($250)

Support study of the moderating effect of perceived crowding on the relationship between perceived service encounter pace and customer satisfaction. ($125)

Support study on the correlation between cardiometabolic risk and sleep duration as it relates to college students. ($250)


Support of travel and research to identify culturally-grounded diabetes management narratives focused on exercise among diabetic patients in MBour, Senegal. ($500)

Support mailing of surveys and reminder letters to 600 breast cancer survivors to research the association between breast cancer diagnosis and survival on reproductive choices. ($500)


Support of participant incentives (i.e. gift cards and food), printing of questionnaires, and rental space fees to be incurred for focus groups sessions focused on “Children as Agents of Dietary Change: Investigation of Parents’ and Children’s Perspectives among Low-Income Immigrant Families in Mifflintown, PA”. ($380)

Develop a science education video tool that uses practical, feasible messages and language to educate farmworkers about cytotoxic effects of prolonged exposure to pesticides. ($500)


Oral and poster presentation on the impact of the Medicare Part D program on trends in depression treatment, at the Academy Health 2012 Annual Research Meeting in Orlando, FL. ($125)

Paper presentation on the "Relationships between Leisure Activity, Social Relationships and Health in Midlife and Older Age", at the Gerontological Society of America Conference in San Diego, CA. ($125)

Purchase materials to develop a curriculum kit for teachers at Schlow Library focused on Nutrition; particularly the science of vegetable and why they are so important to our body. ($250)


Travel for research in Erie County "Sense of Place and Specialization Amongst Steelhead Fisherman" ($345)

Investigate providing augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) services to adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) during age-appropriate social activities. ($155)


Poster presentation at The Gerontological Society of America conference in New Orleans, LA. ($100)


Travel to Kenya to test prototypes of Mashvu, a portable kiosk with laptop and instruments to measure vital statistics and collect medical information. ($300)

Effects of Participation in an Interactive Video Game (Nintendo Wii) on Attention and Positive Affect in Older Adults with a Mild Cognitive Impairment ($300)

Train undergraduate students in biology and biobehavioral health how to conduct research using specific equipment. ($400)


None funded.


Paper presentation at the North American Society for Sport History Conference ($125)

Pilot study: “Sensation-Seeking: The role of hormones and social roles in the expression of a sex-specific trait” ($250)


Transcription of ethnographic interviews, incentives to participants, and research supplies for a study, “Social Meaning of Food: Focused Ethnographic Interviews of Middle-Aged and Older Adults Living with Diabetes ($500)


Leadership experience for 14- to 17-year-olds at Shaver’s Creek, “Project Yourself! Small Project Leadership Training Experience” ($500)


Data collection, coding, and entry; and purchase of pedometers for study to examine time use, physical activity, and its effect on the health and well-being of a group of college students ($500)

Meals, materials and supplies for RPM 476 project: development of a leisure education program to benefit families at-risk in the Bellefonte area ($480)


Survey to determine factors related to the provision of AAC services by speech language pathologists ($500)

Research assistant funding and supplies for a study to develop a multidimensional athletic training self-report outcomes assessment ($500)


Funding for study exploring female acid attack victims’ experiences of leisure in Bangladesh ($500)


Development of a business/program plan for a six-week day camp, implementation and evaluation of the camp, and feasibility analysis ($500)

Study to examine how children’s food intake is influenced by the presence or absence of other activities


Re-print of the Gerontology Center’s Senior Guide ($500)

Promoting safety among Amish children of Lancaster County ($500)


Children’s Electrode Cap for a pilot study on the act of prehension (grasping) ($500)

Development of a Kinesiology Club speaker series ($500)


Development of a Kinesiology Club peer mentoring program ($500)

Developing nursing strategies for working with the Amish ($500)


Evaluation of a new and innovative type of housing for individuals suffering from Alzheimers Disease or other chronic mental impairments and their caregivers


Project to bring nationally- or regionally-recognized women or minority health care executives to campus for a day to discuss contemporary health care issues ($500)


MRI scans for study, “Quantifying Lumbar Spine Compression” ($500)