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Diverse fields of study that share one
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Rose McDaid

Rose McDaid



My name is Rose McDaid and I am currently a Junior studying Kinesiology. I am studying kinesiology to hopefully go onto Physician Assistant school and become a pediatric or ER PA.

I love health, wellness, and the body which is why I choose the kinesiology major in HHD. Outside of HHD I love traveling, rock climbing, hiking, twirling baton in the Penn State Blue Band, listening to music, and talking about the environment.



Rose McDaid - Quote

"I am a part of the HHD instagram ambassadors because transition to college is a scary time for kids and parents and I would love to help make that transition easier by showing what life is like as a student at Penn State!"

Rose McDaid, KINES

This initiative highlight’s our KINES major through the eyes of Rose McDaid. We encourage you to follow Rose, comment on posts, ask questions, and even offer to provide your own experience as a student.

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