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Doing Your Part

Pick Up a Piece of Trash Each Day

The Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing Program provides outdoor activities to all enrolled Penn State students. Students enrolled in our fly fishing classes participate in local field trips to both lakes and streams, several of which are considered to be world class fisheries.

Anyone living near Centre County region is privileged to enjoy not only world class fishing opportunities, but other amazing outdoor resources, as well. Our privilege to experience these fragile resources is also our responsibility to not only protect but maintain their pristine nature, which is the purpose of this short piece.

The overwhelming majority of outdoor resource users are stewards by design, and would never consider littering the resource(s) they use. However, there are always a few folks who were never taught the importance of “leaving no trace” or simply cleaning up after themselves while experiencing nature. In addition, simple accidents (e.g. a water bottle falling out of your backpack) can easily occur without intentionally trying to do harm to any resource.

Regardless of how it happens, litter occurs everywhere humans interact with nature—some intentional and some by accident. This is where we can do our part to keep our resources looking pristine for years to come—simply make it a goal to pick up one piece of trash each time you’re outside.

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking across campus or the Appalachian Trail—attempt to remove one piece of trash per visit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small gum wrapper or a face mask laying on the ground.

One example of “doing your part” is students enrolled in Kinesiology fly fishing courses, who are asked to pick up one piece of trash during each field trip on their way back to the parking lot. The idea is to instill within our students that they can do their part to keep these areas looking natural.

Behavior is contagious. All it takes is for students to watch their peers, faculty, or staff demonstrating simples acts of kindness (i.e. picking up trash). This is why Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing instructors always carry a small garbage bag during each field trip, trying to lead by example.

Please consider how you can “do your part” to keep our outdoor resources looking beautiful for all to enjoy for generations to come.

Submitted by:
George Daniel
Director, Joe Humphreys Fly Fishing Program
Member, Health and Human Development Sustainability Council