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It’s not too early to begin thinking about graduation and what this important event can mean. Time will fly and graduation will be here before you know it. Many of you are planning to attend graduate school or find employment. Some of you will want to take time off to make decisions about what to do next. In any case, you will transition away from the life you know as an undergraduate student.

Have you thought about what will happen upon graduation? What steps will you need to take in order to make a graceful exit from Penn State? Do you know how to create and use a budget? When you begin your new job and your new employer discusses enrolling in a retirement plan, will you know what this means and how to proceed with decisions about your future finances? If you have borrowed student loans, do you know about repayment, deferment and/or forbearance options? Dare we discuss credit cards and consumer debt?

The following modules can help guide you through the process of transitioning to your next life’s phase. Planning ahead and being aware of some financial pitfalls can be a key to long-term personal and financial success.