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HDFS intern is helping a client with healthcare.

As a Human Development and Family Studies major, you will leverage your Penn State education and a vast network of like-minded professionals to find a fulfilling career aimed at helping individuals and families in your own and other cultures within the context of their families, workplace, schools, community, and society at large.

Demand for HDFS expertise

The demand for HDFS graduates is high, as the major provides students with a valuable foundation for understanding important social trends:

  • The population of older adults is growing, and the number of trained persons who can provide help and assistance to them falls far short of the need;
  • Dual-earner and single parent families have become the norm, resulting in the need for more high quality day care;
  • Social problems, such as child abuse and drug and alcohol use, affect many individuals and families;
  • Young adults face many social and economic pressures that can lead to problems in work and relationships.

Career Services

It is never too early in your academic experience to explore all of the career services available to you, and Penn State Career Services is an excellent place to start. Utilize in person or virtual services to discuss your career goals.

  • For students: The University hosts a number of career fairs throughout the year to introduce students to recruiters and career opportunities.
  • For recruiters: Recruiting at Penn State can help you find the right contact for your needs.

Become a Protégé

Juniors are eligible to apply for the HHD Alumni Mentoring Program, which provides an opportunity to be matched with a professional in your field of interest who can offer advice and information about career options and related topics. The program allows you to explore internships, career choices, and plans after graduation with your mentor.