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Mentor with her protégé walking and talking.

You can make an impact on a student’s life by becoming a mentor. 

The College of Health and Human Development Mentoring Program connects HHD students and alumni by matching students who are juniors in their academic department with professionals in their field(s) of interest who can offer advice and information about career options or other issues relevant to particular fields. The mentoring program includes an initial orientation (virtual) and goal setting face-to-face meeting, followed by 16 months of ongoing interactions as students can explore internships, course choices, and plans after graduation with their mentor. Many of our students have returned to be mentors, reflecting the value of the program to both students and alumni.

How can I enroll in the program?

If you are an alum of the College of Health and Human Development, or any Penn State alum working in an HHD-related field, then you are eligible to mentor a student. Once the application period closes we will begin the matching process. If matched, you will be assigned a student with junior standing so that your mentoring partnership can remain throughout the student's junior and senior years. If we are not able to successfully match you, your name will be kept in consideration for future opportunities. 

The only requirement is that you attend a Mentoring Kickoff lunch or dinner where you will have the opportunity to meet your student protege in person, learn more about the mentoring program, and work with your protege to develop goals and action steps for participation in the program. These kickoff events are grouped by major and take place in February, with the exception of the MHA mentoring event which takes place in the fall. *Due to COVID-19, details for the undergraduate Mentoring Program kickoff events will be updated in the future. Students and mentors can expect a virtual kickoff event(s).

What should I expect as a participant in the mentoring program?

Regular monthly communication, or agreed upon between you and your protégé will help you get the most out of the program. Mentors/protégés can communicate with one another via e-mail, phone, and visits to your workplace if you so choose. This is not a job placement program. You are not expected to offer employment or internships to the student you are mentoring. You are simply asked to communicate regularly with the student as the two of you see fit. The student may have questions about areas of study, career options, or your career or area(s) of expertise and interest.

For questions, contact the HHD Alumni Mentoring program.

The Mentor application is now open