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A Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology or Athletic Training requires the following:

  • Athletic Training—a minimum of 120 credits
  • Fitness Studies—a minimum of 120 credits
  • Movement Science—a minimum of 120 credits
  • Physical and Health Education Teacher Education—a minimum of 128 credits

Selection/Change of Option

The selection of an intended option in Kinesiology must be made at the time of admission to the major. Please keep in mind the application process and special requirements for the Athletic Training major and the additional criteria for the Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Option. After the initial selection, students wishing to change their option or major must request this change through the respective program office. Students who change from one program of study to another must fully understand that additional semesters of registration may be necessitated by this change.

Relocation to University Park

Commonwealth Campus students headed toward the Kinesiology (KINES) major should relocate to University Park when program essential courses can no longer be scheduled at their respective campus. To delay relocation beyond this time endangers a student's progress in fulfilling requirements for entrance to the major and/or option and in making normal progress within the selected degree program. Graduation plans for Athletic Training, Fitness Studies, Movement Science, and Physical and Health Education Teacher Education are included on our website to assist students/campus advisors in determining when it is essential for students to be at University Park. It is emphasized that KINES students must fulfill entrance requirements and be accepted into a major before reaching fifth semester classification in order to continue registration as degree candidates in the College. A registration "hold" preventing future registrations as an HHD student is automatically filed with the Registrar's Office for degree candidates who have not gained entrance to the major following the fourth semester.

Commonwealth Campus students headed toward the Athletic Training (ATHTR) major should refer to the Athletic Training Applicationfor early change of campus information.

Course Scheduling Tips

Suggested Academic Plans for the options Fitness Studies, Fitness Studies, Movement Science, Physical and Health Education Teacher Education, and the Athletic Training major, have been developed with campus students in mind. Opportunities for students to double count courses between major/option and general education are noted on the recommended academic plans by the appropriate general education notation (e.g., GQ, GN, GS, etc.). Questions related to scheduling should be directed to your advisor or the HHD College Contact and Referral Representative at your campus.