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Fall 2019 Graduate Program Colloquium Series
Mondays 4:00–5:00 PM 117 Henderson Building

September 9 Interplay between dietary fiber and gut microbiota in liver cancer: The dark side of fermentation
Matam Vijay-Kumar (Vijay), PhD
Associate Professor and Director, UT Microbiome Consortium, Physiology & Pharmacology, Medical Microbiology & Immunology, The University of Toledo
September 16 The science behind the portion size effect and the art of downsizing portions of energy dense foods for children and adolescents
Marion Hetherington, BSc (Hons), DPhil
Professor and Thomas Ward Endowed Chair in Psychology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, School of Psychology, University of Leeds
September 23

Diagnosing malnutrition: Understanding the new guidelines. Global Leadership Initiative on Malnutrition (GLAM)
Gordon L. Jensen, M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Medicine and Nutrition,
The Larner College of Medicine, University of Vermont

September 30 Replacing the nutrients in milk: The impact on cost, calories and food intake
Christopher J. Cifelli, PhD
Vice President, Nutrition Research, National Dairy Council
October 7 Evaluating nutrient adequacy during complementary feeding and identifying pathways to improvement: Results from the MAL-ED 8 site study
Laura Caulfield, PhD
Professor, Center for Human Nutrition, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
October 14 Diet quality, nutrient intake, and risk of mortality in the oldest old: Results from the Geisinger Rural Aging Study
Yi-Hsuan (Lisa) Liu, MS, RD, PhD Candidate
Advisor: Xiang Gao, PhD and Gordon Jensen, PhD
October 28 Bio-behavioral variation in human water needs: How adaptations, early life environments, and the life course affect body water homeostasis
Asher Yoel Rosinger, PhD MPH
Ann Atherton Hertzler Early Career Professor in Global Health, De-partments of Biobehavioral Health and Anthropology, PSU
November 4 Potatoes and cardiometabolic health: A randomized crossover study
Emily Johnston, MPH, RDN, CDE, PhD Candidate
Advisor: Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD

November 11

Dairy livestock interventions for food security in Uganda: What are the implications for women’s  empowerment?
Elizabeth Ransom, M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of International Affairs, PSU

Carmen Bain, M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Iowa State University

November 18 Dried fruit and cardiometabolic health: A randomized crossover trial
Valerie Sullivan, RDN, PhD Candidate
Advisor: Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD
December 2

Dietary nicotine intake and risk of Parkinson disease
Chaoran Ma, M.D., PhD Candidate
Advisor: Xiang Gao, PhD