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Use one of these prompts to help tell your allinfoodz narrative


Food & Life
• How do you make food choices (in restaurant and grocery shop) in terms of money
and what to put into your basket?
• How does food teach you about life? How is food important in your life?
• How do you think food can change the way we think?
• Does food bridge our understanding of each other?
• Do you live to eat or eat to live? Philosophy on food
• Food insecurity
• How do our food experiences impact our food choices?

Food & Health
• How do you think of food in relation to your health?
• Do you think “I want to eat healthy” or that “I want to eat something delicious but not
necessarily healthy”? Why?
• Do you think healthy food can ever by tasty? How do you cook your food to be
• Is food meant to be healthy or delicious? Can it be both?
Food & Future
• In your view, what is the future of food?
• On-going legislative issues regarding food
• Sustainability and ethical issues of food production
• Farm to fork – Benefit of choosing local food, and what can be done to promote more?
• Environmental issues with mass produced food (global warming, pollution, food waste, etc.)
• Alternative food systems
• New technology development in food production and food distribution
• Genetically engineered food (or GMO), what do you think?
• One side of world fights to reduce food waste when the other side of the world fights to reduce food insecurity, what are your thoughts on this?
• Food labeling and why should we read it?