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The Hospitality Management program prepares you for management careers in places such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, and casinos.

Creating Unique Experiences for Others

For over eighty years, Penn State’s School of Hospitality Management has helped prepare leaders for any segment of the hospitality industry.

The Hospitality Management program is globally known for helping students prepare for management careers at hotels, restaurants, resorts, and casinos. Whether you aspire to run a large hotel chain or own your own restaurant, the Hospitality Management program teaches leaders how to:

  • Operate complex hospitality businesses
  • Create innovative contributions to prominent service organizations
  • Lead diverse teams of employees
  • Build a strong work ethic that is recognized throughout the industry

Study leadership, business, and communication and tailor your program to meet your career goals. The Hospitality Management program combines excellence in the classroom with hands-on experiences throughout the hospitality industry around the world and interactions with highly engaged alumni and industry leaders.

Exceptional attention is given to students’ course work in the business of hospitality. During the program you will gain content knowledge; analytical, interpersonal, and organizational skills; and professional experience needed for success in the hospitality industry.


The Hospitality Management program is a bachelor of science (B.S.) program.

Hospitality Management

Develop core skills in the necessary proficiencies expected by the most esteemed employers in the field including competencies in:

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Technology and business analytics
  • Hotel and lodging operations
  • Restaurant operations
  • Organizational behavior and human resources
  • Hospitality law and marketing
  • Leadership and professional development

Specialize in a specific segment of the hospitality profession through a robust offering of electives including:

  • Gaming and casino management
  • Revenue management
  • Lodging real estate
  • Meetings and event management
  • Beverage and wine management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Club and resort management
  • Hospitality in senior living
  • Social media for the hospitality industry

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor

The minor is designed to help you learn how to create and develop novel and sound entrepreneurial concepts related to the hospitality industry in such businesses as lodging and food service. You can develop and refine entrepreneurial concepts related to hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, quick-service restaurants, upscale restaurants, mobile dining such as food trucks, online travel agencies, and other online ventures.

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Professional Development

Student Organizations

Penn State Hotel and Restaurant Society (PSHRS) unites and builds closer fellowship among the students, alumni, and faculty of the school with the objectives of strengthening all the professions of the program and building the reputation of the school.

Casino Management Club provides members with an introduction and access to the commercial gaming industry.

Club Managers Association of America offers professional development opportunities and informs students of employment opportunities at private membership clubs.

American Hotel & Lodging Association Club focuses on the hotel industry and students are encouraged to participate in hotel industry events ranging from local hotel tours to attendance at functions at the International Hotel and Restaurant Show.

Eta Sigma Delta attempts to develop the professionalism of the individual student in HM and to advance the segment of the industry related to travel, tourism, food and beverage management, and hospitality management.

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality fosters professional networking and diversity among its members at Penn State and the 86 other chapters throughout the country.

Hospitality Finance and Technology Professionals equips the future graduate and manager with the requisite finance and technology insights as well as professional development.

The Elite League of Hospitality in Asia (ELHA) works to better prepare hospitality students studying in the United States for the fast emerging Asian hospitality marketplace.

Hotel Sales and Marketing Association was developed for those HM students interested in marketing sales.

Meetings & Events Club works to bring students with an interest in the meeting and event field educational and networking opportunities.

The Penn State Catering Society Student members learn to plan and carry out successful catered events. The student’s growth will include development in the following areas: Constructing an effective management team. One on one customer meetings. Food product purchasing. Effective timelines. Proper event staffing. Actual service of specific catered events. For more information, please contact the faculty advisor, Mr. J.P. R

School of Hospitality Management THON Committee is a general organization in the overall Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon.

Professional Interaction

Alumni of the program regularly return to campus to take part in professional and social events. You will have the opportunity to meet and work with a number of these engaged alumni and learn from them.

Professional Resources

As a student in the Hospitality Management program, you can benefit from the many professional resources available to you, including:

Networking Opportunities

Hospitality Management students are offered a wide variety of networking opportunities that may include:

  • NSMH regional and networking conferences
  • Alumni in the Classroom event
  • New York Hotel Show
  • National Restaurant Association Show
  • Benefield weekend
  • PSHRS Board meetings
  • Conti professorships
  • Industry Advisory Board
  • Company Information Sessions
  • Technology Advisory Board

Hospitality Management Recruiting Service

Penn State’s School of Hospitality Management offers you a Career Placement Center where you can connect with nearly 60 restaurants, hotels, casinos, onsite food services, and many more organizations looking to recruit you. The Career Placement Center offers the opportunity to interview with many recruiters on-site to gain a chance to explore internships and full-time positions.