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As part of the evaluation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's AF4Q initiative, the evaluation team has conducted two rounds of the Consumer Survey, a survey of adults with one or more of the following chronic conditions: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, or depression. The Consumer Survey was administered to gather information on the level of consumer engagement in the 17 AF4Q communities as well as on a national comparison sample. Survey results may assist communities in planning and intervention activities, and researchers in assessing consumer engagement and how it changes over time.

Survey questions focus on: patient activation; consumer knowledge of publicly available performance reports that highlight quality differences among physicians, hospitals, and health plans; the ability to be an effective consumer in the context of a physician visit; patient knowledge about her/his illness; skills and willingness to self-manage the illness; and the impact of insurance, new insurance designs, and out-of-pocket costs to access care.

To lean more about our Consumer Survey methods please see our round 2 methods reports:

AF4Q Consumer Survey Methods - Round 2 in 14 Original Communities

AF4Q Consumer Survey Methods - Round 2 in 3 New Communities

Published Articles using Consumer Survey Data

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Consumer Trust in Sources of Provider Quality Information
Medical Care Research and Review, 2011

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