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Jennifer Savage Williams
Director, Center for Childhood Obesity Research
Summary Statement

Behavioral (feeding practices, sleep) and individual factors that impact food intake; Responsive parenting; Clinical and community-based childhood obesity prevention interventions

  • Nutritional Sciences - NUTR
  • Graduate Program
  • Center for Childhood Obesity Research - CCOR
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  • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University (2008) BS in Nutrition & Dietetics; Dietetics & Sports Nutrition, Mansfield University (2000)
Currently Accepting Graduate Students
Office Address
103 Noll Lab
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-6103
Professional Credentials


  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • The Pennsylvania Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC)
  • Head Start
  • Hershey Medical Center
  • Geisinger Health System
  • developing effective and efficient prenatal and postnatal interventions
  • promote health and well-being across the lifespan
  • promotes interdisciplinary research that focuses on developing effective and efficient prenatal and postnatal behavioral
  • address childhood obesity to attract resources and recognition
  • Conduct experimental research that will serve as the evidence base for developing successful interventions to prevent maternal and childhood obesity
  • Identify individual and contextual factors that influence food preferences, the developing controls of food intake, and obesity risk among children
  • Teach responsive parenting (responding contingently, promptly, and in ways that are developmentally appropriate) to promote self-regulatory skills in children, in turn promoting healthy growth
  • Incorporate e-health technology to develop cost-effective interventions
  • Build, optimize, and evaluate multi-faceted interventions delivered in clinical and community settings designed to prevent pediatric obesity
Grants and Research Projects
  •  1 R01 DK120754-01 National Institute of Health.   ONE PATH:  Optimizing Nutrition Education for Parents and Teachers for Healthy Growth. The overall objective of the ONE PATH study is to design an optimized, scalable multi-component responsive feeding intervention that changes caregiver feeding practices (Head Start providers and parents) and the food environment (home and HEAD Start classroom) to promote child appetite self-regulation and healthy food among underserved preschoolers (age 3-5 years) living in rural poverty. ONE PATH will intervene on 816 families in 48 classrooms, divided into 3 cohorts with each cohort receiving the intervention throughout 1 school year (Sept through May).
  • 1 R40 MC28317-01-00 United States Department of Health Resources and Services Administration Maternal and Child Health.   Evaluating Coordination of Care Between Pediatricians and WIC Nutritionists: Early Obesity Prevention for WIC Mothers and Children. To examine the effects of an innovative 6 month intervention that coordinates care between primary care providers and the Pennsylvania Special Supplemental Nutrition Program Women, Infants and Children (WIC) to promote responsive parenting and optimize primary prevention of early pediatric obesity.
  • 2 R01 DK088244-07A1 National Institute of Health/NIDDK. Preventing Obesity through Interventions during Infancy. This research will test the sustained effects of a novel responsive parenting early intervention program to prevent childhood obesity. Effects on BMI at ages 6 and 9 will be tested, as will, the early intervention effects on parenting and behavioral outcomes.
  • 1 R56 HL126799-01 National Institute of Health/NHLBI. Using Dynamical Systems Modeling to Understand the Effects of an Individually Tailored Prenatal Weight Gain Intervention on Fetal Growth and Postnatal Obesity Risk. The goal of the research is to use control systems engineering principles and dynamical modeling approaches to examine the cross-over effect of an adaptive behavioral intervention to manage gestational weight gain on fetal growth, postpartum maternal weight, and infant growth over the first year of life.

  • 4000008692 United States Department of Agriculture, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare; Pennsylvania Nutrition Education TRACKS. Promoting Healthy Dietary Behaviors among Low-Income Families. The goal of this program is to deliver obesity prevention interventions designed to promote healthy eating behaviors among low income families, and to increase the willingness of low-income children to try new foods. We are also working with our Head Start partners to improve the environment in their centers to better support healthy eating behaviors and daily physical activity for the children enrolled. We are also developing and testing the efficacy of an interactive online responsive feeding curriculum that targets low-income parents of infants and toddlers. 

Complete List of Published Work in MyBibliography:

PUBLICATIONS - Refereed Journal Articles:

*Graduate Students & Post Docs, **Undergrad Students, ***Co-Supervised Post Docs

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Additional Information

Dr. Savage Williams is the Director for the Center of Childhood Obesity Research at The Pennsylvania State University and also an Assistant Professor within the Department of Nutritional Sciences. Her research focuses on developing effective prenatal and postnatal behavioral interventions to promote health and well-being across the lifespan. Dr. Savage Williams current research endeavors focus on 1) building, optimizing, and evaluating multi-faceted interventions delivered in multiple settings (community, health care, and home) that are designed to prevent pediatric obesity and 2) using an intergenerational approach that targets gestational weight gain to ultimately improve maternal/infant health and impact the etiology of obesity at a critical time in the life cycle. She has developed clinical and community partnerships including the American Academy of Pediatrics, The Pennsylvania Women, Infants, and Children Program, and Head Start in an effort to conduct research that will serve as the evidence basis for developing successful interventions to prevent maternal and childhood obesity among high-risk populations in rural Pennsylvania.

Dr. Savage Williams actively publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts, research articles, and abstracts in several journals including: Obesity, Journal of Women’s Health Care, Appetite, BMC Pediatrics, American Journal of Public Health, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Journal of Physical Activity, Journal of Behavioral Nutrition, and Journal of Adolescent Health. She completed her undergraduate work with a dual major in Nutrition and Dietetics at Mansfield University in Mansfield, PA. She received her Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University, focusing on the patterns and predictors of weight change among women.

Courses Taught

  • Nutrition 532 Childhood Obesity
  • Nutrition 490W Nutrition Seminar
  • Nutrition 456 Community Nutrition
  • Nutrition 297 Healthy Food For All: Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Poverty         
  • Nutrition 251 Introductory Principles of Nutrition