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Shannon Anthony
Shannon Anthony
Graduate Academic Program Coordinator
Summary Statement

Grad student registration, admissions, & inquiries, doctoral committee composition, grad program milestones & procedures, BBH conference room reservations for grad students, grad school policies, comprehensive dissertation proposal and final oral defense scheduling.

  • Biobehavioral Health - BBH
  • Graduate Program
  • Administration
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Office Address
219B Biobehavioral Health Building
University Park, PA 16802
  • Questions regarding course registration, credits, grading, etc.
  • LionPath
  • Coordinate meetings
  • Graduate program recruitment mailing
  • Admissions committee support
  • Graduate program committee support
  • Enroll students in courses
  • Doctoral committee structure
  • Program milestones and procedures
  • Room reservations for graduate related events
  • Graduate student funding inquires
  • Graduate school policies and procedures inquires
  • Request to schedule comps, dissertation proposal, final defense exam
  • College award opportunity inquiries and procedures
  • Travel funding opportunities
  • Distribution of information to graduate student listserv
  • Hintz and Ford Awardee purchases, balance inquires, etc.
  • Scheduling meetings for faculty, staff and graduate students
  • Graduate program inquiries
  • Enter student graduation information for PIC review in LionPATH
  • Committee related tasks
  • Examples:
    • I have a question regarding faculty eligibility for my dissertation committee.  Does (faculty member name) appointment with the department qualify him/her to be a member of my doctoral committee?
    • Am I able to use my Hintz funds to purchase my student membership to “X” society? 
    • I am planning to my comprehensive exam this semester. What do I need to know to begin this process?
    • One of the courses I have to take this fall must be scheduled by the training grant director and it is taking longer than expected to be sorted out. I am nervous since I do not have enough full time credits without that course. Until the scheduling is figured out, I was wondering if I could be registered for two credits of 596 with (faculty member name) instead of just one for now and adjust later, if needed, to maintain 12 credits. 
    • I have been working on preparing the documents for my qualifying exam and realize, I have not yet requested registration for TA credit and independent study credit. Would you be able to register me for both 602 and 596? I am not sure of the number of credits as I will be doing 10 hours of TA and 10 hours of RA. Currently I am registered for 2 other 3-credit courses, making my current course load 6 credits for the fall. I need to register for a maximum number of 12 credits per fall and spring semesters as a graduate assistant.