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Communication Sciences and Disorders
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The Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders can be completed at the University Park campus or Penn State Harrisburg.

Students enrolled at the University Park campus

Typically, all first-semester students at the University Park campus are admitted to the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) or to a specific college. The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders is within the College of Health and Human Development (HHD). Once a student has 29.1 credits and a GPA greater than 2.0, they can declare a CSD major. CSD does not have major enrollment restrictions or entrance requirements beyond those needed for admission into HHD. Students interested in becoming a CSD major should contact the CSD academic advising at 814-867-3375 or

Students Enrolled at a campus other than University Park

Students who begin their degree at a campus other than University Park and are considering the CSD major should plan on completing their change of campus by the start of fall semester of their junior year. Delaying relocation beyond this time could endanger a student's chance of making normal progress within the curriculum. It is extremely important for students who are changing campuses to register in advance by the published deadline in order to ensure course availability.

Students at campuses other than University Park are encouraged to work with the appropriate adviser at their intended campus, University Park or Harrisburg, to determine which courses should be taken in preparation for the CSD degree.