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About the CSD Alumni Group

The CSD Alumni Group is an Affiliate Program Group chartered by the College of Health of Human Development.   Affiliate Program Groups (APGs) are chartered by their college or campus alumni society. APGs are similar to societies, with the exception that this connection is focusing on the promotion and development of the academic department rather than the entire college or campus. Some APG activities include networking, mentoring, and student recruitment. An Affiliate Program Group (APG) consists of alumni or friends of Penn State who have a common interest in a particular academic, professional, or extracurricular activity that is related to a specific college or campus program.

The Communication Sciences and Disorders Alumni Group stives is to provide a means for alumni to interact and connect with fellow alumni, faculty, and students while also enhancing the stature and effectiveness of the Communication Sciences and Disorders program. We work to achieve this purpose through work in the following areas:


We assist in the recruitment of alumni mentors for the Health and Human Development Mentoring Program and pair informal mentors for those who are unable to participate in the formal Mentoring Program. We also assist in the planning and implementation of the mentoring workshop during the kick off luncheon. We sponsor career activities for students including Alumni in the Classroom visits, whether in person or via Zoom, panels, and workshop/round table discussions.


We are working to gather information on our alumni to build a list of candidates to nominate for College and University level awards. 


We work to communicate to CSD alumni via online postings through our Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Our goal is to strengthen communication between students, alumni, and faculty. Join and start conversations in our CSD Alumni group on Facebook and our LinkedIn Group

Social/Professional Activities 

We collaborate with the Department to organize social gatherings in various geographic areas. We sponsor or co-sponsor at least one event per year to help connect alumni. Examples are a "happy hours", panels and round tables, continuing education events, and receptions at state and national conferences. 

CSD Alumni Group Regular Meetings

4th Monday of each month at 7:15 p.m. via Zoom.
We welcome new members.
To join the meeting contact