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A group of HDFS faculty include a concentration on the influence of psychosocial and/or physical stressors on development and aging in their overall programs of research. Studies use an array of methodologies to discern the impact of stress on biological, psychological, behavioral and social outcomes, from physiological stress responses to cognitive processing and social relationships. These research projects apply developmental modeling to, as a whole, characterize effects of stress on outcomes of interest at various periods during the lifespan, with some focusing on early childhood and others on functioning in the elderly. The goal of all such studies in HDFS is to understand how stress may impair growth, development and functioning with direct implications for the design of more effective interventions that will improve well-being.

HDFS faculty who study Influences of Stress on Development and Aging include:

David M. Almeida

Sunhye (Sunny) Bai

Diana Fishbein

Lisa Gatzke-Kopp

Peter Molenaar

Jennie Noll

Alexis Santos

Chad Shenk

Martin J. Sliwinski

Samantha Tornello