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The work conducted by faculty and students in HDFS in this area focuses on the role of socio-cultural and economic diverse contexts in shaping individuals’ and families’ development, behaviors, adjustment, and trajectories of life. Work within the United States include 1) how cultural values and practices have implications for family life and youth well-being in Mexican-origin and African American families 2) the interplay of place and cultural influences on the behavioral and adjustment patterns of Latino youth and families living in new immigrant destinations and 3) the daily positive and social experiences faced by homeless youth and how these are linked to academic and psychological outcomes. Research in international settings focuses on 1) the nature of social change in Vietnam and how social change impacts communities, families, and individuals and 2) the adaptation of immigrant youth and parents residing in Spain and how cultural and interpersonal factors contribute to their adjustment.

HDFS faculty who study Socio-Cultural and Economic Diversity include:

H. Harrington (Bo) Cleveland

Rukmalie Jayakody

Abenaa Jones

Susan M. McHale

Alexis Santos

Samantha Tornello