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Inglesino Postcard

What do the Jonas Brothers and Rachel Inglesino have in common?  They both love Penn State.

Rachel Inglesino, a 2019 graduate of Penn State’s Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management program, has hit the ground running since earning her degree. From the Bryce Jordan Center, to Sony Music, to an interview at 30 Rock in New York City with the Jonas Brothers, and eventually the music industry in Nashville, Rachel’s career exemplifies the diversity and creativity that a career in RPTM can provide.

“I loved RPTM. I loved the flexibility it provided and the ability to design a custom plan based on personal interests.”

Inglesino Beaver Stadium

Rachel knew that Penn State was for her when she came on a visit with her family and older sister who was looking at the campus. “My father has always loved Penn State’s football program. We were brainwashed from an early age when it came to sports and our favorite teams.” Her sister accepted at Penn State, and Rachel followed three years later.

“I was a three-sport athlete in high school. I wanted to break out of that and try something new when I got to campus.” She followed her sister into a sorority, and after a year spent thinking she would major in Kinesiology, she found RPTM. The decisions she made built the foundation for a career that is already soaring.

Decision #1 was changing her major to RPTM. “I found out that Kinesiology wasn’t for me. I’m a big sports person, but also a music enthusiast. Maybe too much of a music enthusiast?” she laughed. “I remember attending a panel discussion where Al Karosas (General Manager of the Bryce Jordan Center) and Phil Stout (Assistant General Manager of the BJC and 2009 RPTM grad) were presenting. Afterwards, I went up and talked with them. I thought the BJC could open up opportunities in both athletics and concerts.”

Inglesino Crowd

Decision #2 was getting involved. In addition to joining her sister’s sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and THON, Rachel started working at the Bryce Jordan Center. “I met with Al and Phil after that panel and they encouraged me to apply at the BJC. The first year I did an internship with them. After that, I moved over to the events team. The next year it was the marketing team.” At the same time, she got involved in Movin’ On, Penn State’s Annual Music festival, taking on the roles of first a general committee member, and then hospitality lead, and eventually marketing lead. 

Decision #3 was completing her internship with Sony Music in New York City. “I had a friend who worked at Sony, so I heard about the marketing internship. It was a great opportunity to network and learn from so many wonderful people. As a member of the marketing team, we developed campaigns including events for the artist’s new releases. I learned that it is not just about one song or one release; it’s about the longevity and integrity of the artist.”

Decision #4 was making connections and building relationships. 

Inglesino Jonas

In the meantime, the Jonas Brothers and their connection to Penn State is urban legend in Happy Valley.  After splitting in 2013, the group had announced they were getting back together in 2019. With connections to State College, and after a 2017 appearance at THON, the Bryce Jordan Center was included on their reunion tour.

“My BJC supervisor, Kate, texted me about the Jonas Brother Champs Downtown show. Towards the end of that evening, Al and one of their security guards took me back to the Green Room.” With contacts made that night and continued support from her BJC family, Rachel had set the stage.

Over the next few weeks, Rachel stayed in touch with the Jonas Brothers team. “It was senior week and I was still processing my education and getting ready to leave Penn State when I heard from their team,” said Rachel. “We had several interviews remotely since I was still at school. My family lives near the city so I drove home when they called for me to come in. It dawned on me when on a Saturday, I was asked to meet at the NBC headquarters in New York City that this could be it. Saturday Night Live? I met with Joe. In all the craziness of SNL, we were able to have some quiet time to talk. The next day, I was offered the job. A few days later, I took a long-awaited vacation with my family to Italy and then met up with the tour in Spain where they were promoting the Happiness Begins Tour.”

Inglesino THON

For the next year and a half, Rachel served as assistant to Joe Jonas. It was a dream job for a music enthusiast with a background in event management and marketing. “Walking into Madison Square Garden with the band was something I will never forget,” said Rachel.

Through her time working with Joe, she met Kevin Jonas, Sr., his father, who also launched the Jonas Brothers and served as their manager until the group broke up in 2013. With an eye to continuing to grow her skill set and with the support of her employer, Rachel took a position with Jonas Entertainment Group based in Nashville. “People think of Nashville and they think country music. Nashville is country but it’s also pop, rock, Indie, and all kinds of music.”

The company represents a diverse family of artists. “Artist management is like a big wheel. The spokes are the agents, the booking managers, Business Managers, Lawyers, creative team members, and others.   We are in the center, overseeing all of that. We manage those relationships. We make sure the artists are moving forward and honor their truth.” 

Rachel’s long-term goals are unclear for now. “I don’t like to look too far ahead. I am really enjoying the artist management piece and that is the direction I want to continue. I really like the creative side, too.” 

With a degree in RPTM and the variety of skills that students develop in course assignments, pre-internships, and the eventual internships, graduates are ready to go. Rachel Inglesino summed it up. “People always say it is luck and timing but if you work hard and earn it – with some luck and timing too – it can happen.”