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The consortium connects practice, research and policy together. We teach, research, advise and promote a richer understanding of Hahn's philosophy.

We work with Hahn legacy organizations, individuals and groups inspired by Hahn with a particular focus on values and experiential learning. The consortium and these web pages provide a shared locus to draw together individuals and organizations with related interests and committment to the importance of values and experiential learning.

Some of our work is historical in order to shed light on and make connections to current practices and suggest future directions. This helps to inform current practices in the legacy organizations and connects more widely to development of values and experiential learning.

While we are committed to and fascinated by Hahn's work and philosophy we do not see philosophy, research, policy or practice and static. We see it is crucial to gain a sound grasp of Hahns philosophy and are interested in his life. However, we believe in building on his work further. We welcome support for any and all of these activities and opportunities for collaborations.

Dr. Allison speaking with Dan Hoffman - Operations Director for the Philadelphia Outward Bound School about Kurt Hahn and the consortium

Consortium Activities

  1. Research
  2. Degree study (undergraduate and graduate) in Outdoor Experiential Leadership – specifically focusing on a Hahnian philosophy
  3. Conferences and seminar - the Consortium is located at State College, Pennsylvania in the United States, but has affiliates around the world so we often meet and run events virtually.
  4. Knowledge exchange activities - research informing practice and practice informing research
  5. Specific projects with the Kurt Hahn legacy organizations
  6. Historical and archival work
  7. Part time study, internships, staff development, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities

Opportunties within the Penn State Curriculum

  1. Hahn Undergraduate degree in Outdoor Experiential Leadership and Graduate study opportunities
  2. Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) partnership
  3. Collaborations with Engaged Scholarship initiatives
  4. Interdisciplinary working across departments and colleges within the University