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All M.P.S. students will complete a unique, hybrid set of coursework as part of the program.

Twenty-four (24) credits will be completed within HHD’s School of Hospitality Management and twelve (12) credits will be completed within the Smeal College of Business. Students will also engage in a culminating experience / capstone course.

Program requirements

Hospitality Management courses (24 credits):

HM 550: Hospitality Applied Research and Consulting (3) icon-olus-circle

This course helps students develop skills necessary to analyze performance issues both quantitatively and qualitatively and to evaluate implemented solutions following sound principles of research design.

HM 560: Hospitality Data Analytics (3) icon-olus-circle

This course provides a cross-disciplinary perspective to help students analyze, understand, translate, and incorporate common forms of hospitality data in their decision-making processes when designing and executing data-driven strategies.

This features an executive in-residence weekend at Penn State University Park.

HM 800: Dimensions and Directions of the Hospitality Industry (3) icon-olus-circle

This course examines of the nature of the hospitality industry at a macro level, along with the environment in which the hospitality industry operates.

This features an executive in-residence weekend at Penn State University Park.

HM 820: Corporate Officer and Investor Perspectives (3) icon-olus-circle

This course details the various processes involved in a hospitality real-estate investment, focusing on how investment and financing decisions can optimize firm value, the decision frameworks used to select various forms of financing, and hospitality asset valuations.

HM 830: Hospitality Profit Optimization (3) icon-olus-circle

This course addresses the coordination of capacity and demand management efforts required to optimize profit.

HM 840: Hospitality Customer Journey and Digital Reach (3) icon-olus-circle

This is a two part course: the first part tackles how to manage customer expectations during the consumption experience (and thus ensure customer satisfaction) and the second address how to use digital and social channels to promote a hospitality brand.

HM 880: Analysis of Future Trends in Hospitality (Capstone) (3) icon-olus-circle

This capstone course serves as the culminating requirement for the program, requiring students to synthesize and apply the concepts, skills and insights acquired in previous coursework and in practical work environments (either internships or work experience).

HM 895: Internship* (3) icon-olus-circle

Supervised, professionally oriented, off-campus, non-group instruction, including field experiences, practicums, or internships.

* The internship requirement may be waived by the program head based on the student’s previous industry experience and qualifications.

Smeal College of Business courses (12 credits):

MBADM 571: Global Strategic Management (3) icon-olus-circle

This course covers the study of strategic management, and is designed to integrate many of the components and key concepts that students have studied throughout the core business curriculum.

MBADM 811: Financial Accounting (3) icon-olus-circle

This course provides students with a foundation in the basic principles, procedures, and objectives of financial accounting that govern the reporting of information about a business to individuals, institutions, and other external groups.

MBADM 816: Managing and Leading People in Organizations (3) icon-olus-circle

This course provides an overview of the theories, concepts, applications, and research findings of human behavior in formal organizations and their implications for individual, team, and organizational performance.

MBADM 820: Financial Management (3) icon-olus-circle

This course is an intensive examination of techniques available to aid the financial manager in decision making.