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AllinFoodz recognized in best food podcasts 2019
Lead by Amit Sharma, HM Professor and Director of Food Decisions Research Lab, AllinFoodz addresses different trends and issues in the industry.

The Food Decisions Research Laboratory is a multidisciplinary global network of researchers interested in food decisions. Led by Dr. Amit Sharma, FDRL is comprised of undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and scholars from Penn State and beyond who are collaborating to understand how to positively impact human lives through food decisions throughout their lives. The focus is on understanding resource allocation decisions of both tangible (money, assets, facilities) and intangible (skills, knowledge, time) resources to make decisions in food contexts.​

The group includes the following researchers:

Current Students icon-olus-circle

Graduate students

Yidan Huang​

InHaeng Jung​

Michael Lin​

Jungtae Soh


Undergraduate students

Carly Ashner​

Madeline Polkingham​

Tess O’Callaghan​

Laura Guay​

Natalie Gretsch​

Nadia Gray​

Melissa Towers​

Jacque Saleeby​

Abby English​

Liting Ng Feng​

Meagan McKeon​

Miles Love​

Jett Mulhauser​

Shangni Li​

Xiushan Li​

Julia Silverstri​

Junjie Wu​

Alex Sirabella​

Evan Hirsch​

Meagan MacCrory​

Gianna Jackintelle​

Brett Persing