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All University Park employees, graduate and undergraduate students supported on wage payroll, and students supported on graduate assistantships must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Dec. 8, per federal vaccine mandate. Read more >>

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Enforcement of Recommended Preparation and Prerequisite, Concurrent, or Co-requisite courses

Beginning with course registration in Fall 2019 for courses to be offered Spring 2020, the College of Health and Human Development will implement automatic enforcement at the time of course registration of prerequisite, concurrent, or co-requisite courses. Students registering for courses will only be allowed to register for courses for which they have met the prerequisite, concurrent, or co-requisite requirement. Students will be allowed to enroll conditionally in courses that require prerequisites if, based on their current official enrollment, they will satisfy these course requirements prior to the time courses requiring prerequisites begin.

Prerequisites for Nutritional Sciences courses can be found within the University Bulletin.

Students wishing to take a course for which they do not have the prerequisites need to follow the HHD procedures to request a prerequisite override.

The Prerequisite Override Coordinator for Nutritional Sciences will evaluate the request and make the determination of approval. If approved, the student will be enrolled into the course.

University Policy can be found on the Registrar’s website.