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Students admitted to the B.S./MPS in Nutritional Sciences accelerated master's program (IUG) are offered admission to the MPS degree only and are not guaranteed entry into the Experiential Track, the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) pathway at the time of accelerated master's program admission. Accelerated master's students will have the opportunity to apply to any of the following RDN Pathway application processes.

Pre-Select Accelerated B.S./MPS RDN Pathway Options

Penn State MPS Experiential Track program

The MPS Experiential Track is the ACEND-accredited RDN pathway that integrates the MPS graduate coursework with supervised experiential learning in clinical nutrition, food service and organizational management, and community nutrition. The Experiential Track requires completion of the 30 MPS in Nutritional Sciences credits plus 9 additional credits in foodservice management and supervised experiential learning. Choice of locations for MPS Experiential Track supervised experiential learning are as follows:

  • MPS Program-established sites:
    • University Park, PA (and surrounding areas)
    • Hershey/Harrisburg, PA (and surrounding areas)
  • Distance sites- Student-identified experiential learning sites in geographic location of choice

Apply during Fall of the 4th year - Nov. 15 deadline.

Affiliated Dietetic Internship Programs

Affiliated Dietetic Internship (DI) programs have an established agreement to partner with the Penn State MPS in Nutritional Sciences as a pathway to the RDN credential. Accelerated Masters students can apply to any of our affiliated DI programs. If admitted and depending on the DI program, students may complete the DI program concurrently during the 5th year of the MPS coursework or post-grad from the MPS program. The list of affiliated dietetic internship programs can be obtained from the department.

Apply during Fall of the 4th year - Nov. 15 deadline.

Independent Accelerated Masters B.S./MPS with RDN pathway options

Dietetic Internships not affiliated with Penn State

Stand-Alone Dietetic Internship (DI) Programs - These are dietetic internship programs that are not affiliated with Penn State. To seek admission into one of these programs, students will participate in the national DICAS system and matching process. Some of these programs require a conferred master's degree prior to admission and others will allow concurrent completion of master's degree with DI program. This is to be completed in the 5th year MPS coursework concurrently with DI permission or post-graduation from MPS).

Application deadlines will vary by program.

Important Note

If accepted to the accelerated master’s B.S./MPS program, the student is not automatically accepted into any of the above programs. A competitive application process is in place. Please contact the MPS Coordinator with any questions.