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Nutritional Sciences
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Several people are working in a food distribution center organizing food for those in need.

The minor in Nutrition Studies is for students of any major who are interested in nutrition and applying nutrition principles to their career path.

Students will learn how nutrition fundamentals can inform the development of food systems and nutrition policies, impact human health and eating behavior, and apply them to health promotion and community wellness. 


Students are required to take one 3-credit course and can use the remaining 15 credits to their advantage by choosing classes that meet their career goals.

Some courses are only offered in the fall or spring semesters. For information on when courses are offered, see Penn State's Schedule of Courses.

Please see the Penn State Minor Policy for additional considerations regarding minors at Penn State.

Prescribed Courses (3 credits) icon-olus-circle

NUTR 251 Introductory Principles of Nutrition

Additional Courses (9 credits) icon-olus-circle

NUTR 123S First Year Seminar in Nutritional Sciences    
NUTR 144 Our Plates: Exploring Food and Healthy Eating Patterns Through Cooking   
NUTR 170 Careers in Nutrition    
NUTR 175N Healthy Food for All: Factors that Influence What We Eat in the US
NUTR 320 Science and Methods of Food Preparation    
NUTR 358 Assessment of Nutritional Status    
NUTR 360 Nutrition Education and Behavior Change Theory    
NUTR 361 Community and Public Health Nutrition    
NUTR 386 Managing Quality in Food and Nutrition Services    
NUTR 390 Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology

Supporting Courses and Related Areas (6 credits) icon-olus-circle

NUTR 400 Introduction to Nutrition Counseling    
NUTR 407 Nutrition for Exercise and Sports    
NUTR 410 Eating and Weight Disorders    
NUTR 421 Biocultural Perspectives on Public Health Nutrition    
NUTR 425 Global Nutrition Problems: Health, Science, and Ethics    
NUTR 445 Energy and Macronutrient Metabolism    
NUTR 446 Micronutrient Metabolism    
NUTR 451 Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle    
NUTR 452 Nutritional Aspects of Disease    
NUTR 460 Nutritional Neuroscience

A woman sits at a table with a clipboard of a nutrition planner with salads, salad dressing, and water.

Not sure if this minor meets your academic needs? Consider the Nutritional Sciences minor to determine which one best fits your career goals.