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Noll Physiological Research Seminar Series icon-olus-circle

Fridays, 11:15AM - 12:15PM                                                        Zoom:





August 28, 2020

Introductions/Expectations        The Pennsylvania State University

Introductions/Expectations Lacy Alexander

September 4, 2020

Graduate Student Presentation Competition 

You didn’t get a chance to present in spring of 2020, here is your chance! 

Lacy Alexander

September 11, 2020

“Picture a Scientist”  
Film Screening and Discussion 

The Heising-Simons Foundation (ROCO Films) 

“Picture a Scientist”  Lacy Alexander
September 18, 2020

Mireille Folkerts, PhD
Faculty of Behavioral & Movement Science Physiology            Amsterdam Movement Science, 

“Individualized and timely advice on appropriate actions in the heat for older adults.”  Lacy Alexander
September 25, 2020 Alex Lloyd, PhD
Environmental Ergonomics Research Center                      University of Loughborough,
United Kingdom 
"Survival in complex environments: The interactive nature of hypoxia and cold on thermoregulation and exercise performance." Larry Kenney
October 2, 2020 Elizabeth Proctor, PhD
Assistant Professor 
Neurosurgery, Pharmacology & Mechanics                                              The Pennsylvania State University, Hershey
“Mapping molecular and cellular systems contributions to physiology.”  Lacy Alexander
October 9, 2020 Abbi Lane-Cordova, PhD,
Assistant Professor,
Exercise Science,
Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina
“Adverse pregnancy outcomes & cardiovascular disease risk in women.” David Conroy
October 16, 2020 Lori Ploutz-Snyder, PhD,
Professor & Dean,
School of Kinesiology, University of Michigan
“Can Exercise Completely Prevent Loss of Fitness And Function During Periods Of Extended Disuse.” Jim Pawelczyk
October 23, 2020 Brad Wilkins, PhD,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Human Physiology, Gonzaga University
“Translating Science at the Boundaries of Human Potential.” Lacy Alexander
October 30, 2020 Brett Wong, PhD,
Associate Professor, Kinesiology & Health, Georgia State University
“Cutaneous Sensory Nerve Function in non-Hispanic Blacks and Whites.” Lacy Alexander
Action Club: Interactive Seminars in Motor Control & Coordination icon-olus-circle

Fridays, 3:45PM                                                                              Zoom:

DaTe Speaker University Host
September 25, 2020 Jonas Rubenson, PhD Penn State University The Penn State Center for Movement Science & Technology
October 9, 2020 David Ostry, PhD McGill University The Penn State Center for Movement Science & Technology
October 23, 2020 Daniel Corcos, PhD Northwestern University The Penn State Center for Movement Science & Technology
November 6, 2020 Paul Cisek, PhD University of Montreal The Penn State Center for Movement Science & Technology
November 13, 2020 Robert Scheidt, PhD Marquette University

The Penn State Center for Movement Science & Technology

November 20, 2020 Gene Tunik, PhD Northeastern University The Penn State Center for Movement Science & Technology
December 11, 2020 J. Max Donelan, PhD Simon Fraser University The Penn State Center for Movement Science & Technology
Kinesiology 590: Kinesiology Colloquium icon-olus-circle

Spring 2021 Semester         

Thursdays, 3:05PM - 4:20PM                                                    Zoom:  Https://

Date SPEAKER Topic Host
January 21, 2021 Jonathan Dingwell, PhD Course Introduction/Overview J. Dingwell
January 28, 2021 Jonathan Dingwell, PhD

SARI TALK: “What to Publish?  Where to Publish?  Why Publish at All?”

J. Dingwell
February 4, 2021

Mark Latash, PhD           

Penn State University

What is so special about biological movement?”

J. Dingwell 

February 11, 2021

Todd Pataky, PhD 

Kyoto University, Japan

TBD J. Challis
February 18, 2021

David Goldblatt, PhD 

University Lecturer, Writer, Academic, Journalist

TBD M. Dyreson
February 25, 2021

Mark Tremblay, PhD   

University of Ottawa, Canada

EIM Talk                              [Title TBD]

M. Bopp
March 4, 2021

Martin Gibala, PhD     

McMaster University, Canada

“Physiological basis of interval training for health and performance"

L. Kenney
March 11, 2021   Penn State “Wellness Day” – Enjoy!!  
March 18, 2021

Robert J. Vallerand, PhD   

Université du Québec à Montréal


D. Conroy
March 25, 2021

Michael W. Beets, PhD 

University of South Carolina

Small Studies, Big Decisions: "The role of pilot/feasibility studies in incremental science and premature scale-up of behavioral interventions"

D. Conroy
April 1, 2021

Blake McGowan, CPE       

Director of Ergonomics Research, VelocityEHS

TBD D. Proctor
April 15, 2021 Class Discussion "Thriving" in These COVID Times J. Dingwell
April 22, 2021

Zachary Dunkel, DPT, OCS 

PhysioEdge Physical Therapy


J. Miller
April 29, 2021   Day Off – Enjoy Your Last Week!