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Course Prerequisites and Prerequisite Overrides

“Enforced prerequisites” means students registering for courses will only be allowed to register for courses which they have met the prerequisite, concurrent or corequisite requirement. Penn State Policy can be found here.

Enforced Prerequisites for Kinesiology courses can be found within the University Bulletin.

Students who do not have the enforced prerequisite completed or in progress at the time of enrollment will be blocked from enrolling in the course.

Students wishing to take a course for which they do not have the prerequisite(s) met, but believe they have evidence of mastery of the learning required need to follow the HHD override procedures and complete the Prerequisite Override Form (found here). This will include students who have taken or are currently taking transfer courses at other institutions.

Students who are completing direct equivalent transfer credits to meet an enforced prerequisite will need to include documentation of their course registration, and if/when completed, proof of a passing grade. If there are multiple prerequisites for a course a degree audit may be needed as well to show your successful completion of all relevant coursework. 

Determination of the prerequisite override request will be made by the Kinesiology faculty responsible for the course. If a perquisite override is approved the department will add the student to the course and notify the student.

Additional information regarding enforced prerequisites can be found on the Registrar’s website.