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Dong Kim, ’06 Biomechanics 

My experience in Kinesiology helped shape my career. 

Dong Kim

Upon his arrival at Happy Valley, Dong found himself immersed in the vibrant and dynamic world of Penn State University. His journey through the campus not only shaped his academic pursuits but also laid the foundation for a fulfilling and impactful career in medicine and surgery.

Dong's passion for biomechanics and physiology took root during his time at Penn State, where he actively engaged in various activities that fueled his curiosity. Through his involvement with the Men's Volleyball team, he experienced the thrill of competition and the camaraderie that came with being part of a close-knit team. The Men's Final Four, hosted at Penn State, became a defining moment in his college life, even though they lost in the final. The energy and excitement of the event left an indelible mark on his memory.

His involvement in the Biomechanics Lab provided Dong with unique insights into the intricacies of human movement. This experience, coupled with his commitment to Thon, further solidified his interest in medicine, particularly in the field of biomechanics. These opportunities were exclusive to Penn State, setting it apart from other universities his friends attended. Dong often reflects on how different his life might have been if he had not chosen Penn State.

After graduating from Penn State, Dong was accepted to Temple University of Podiatric Medicine and graduate in 2011 as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. He seamlessly transitioned into his professional life, where he put his knowledge of biomechanics to practical use. From prescribing orthotics and braces to performing surgical reconstructions of the foot, every decision he made had a profound impact on his patients' gait and overall well-being. Currently he is a foot and ankle surgeon with Landmark Foot and Ankle Center in Alexandria, VA. Dong’s time in Kinesiology became the guiding force that shaped his approach to medicine.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Dong is a devoted fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. He harbors dreams of witnessing his favorite team live at the Super Bowl, a goal he hopes to achieve once his children are older. His love for travel is equally strong, with a goal to explore a new country every year. These aspirations add a sense of adventure and excitement to his life, creating a balance between his demanding career and personal interests.

As Dong continues to make strides in his medical career, he can't help but reflect on the pivotal role Penn State Kinesiology played in shaping his trajectory. The friendships forged, the lessons learned, and the opportunities seized at the university have transformed a young student into a skilled and compassionate medical professional, making his journey at Penn State an integral part of his life's narrative.