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Student with sensors in the Kinesiology laboratory.

Focused on the study of human movement, Penn State’s nationally recognized Kinesiology program will prepare you for a broad range of careers in health, wellness, and fitness. This program is centered on the study of physical activity, ranging from the basic mechanisms of human movement to the complex dynamics of physical activity in the context of human health and well-being. Students will explore multiple facets of human health, including the psychological and social aspects of wellness.

Undergraduate students in the program receive a well-rounded education in an array of basic and social sciences as well as the humanities. As our students learn about the human body as a whole, they have the opportunity to understand how to apply their knowledge and skills to develop solutions that can help others in a number of ways — whether in a rehabilitation facility, with a professional sports team, or in a corporate office.

Upon graduating, students have a variety of options to pursue opportunities in health, exercise and wellness. A Kinesiology undergraduate degree can provide a firm foundation for graduate studies that lead to a wide variety of careers. Kinesiology students go on to graduate programs necessary for licensure in many allied health careers such as: physical therapy, athletic training, medicine or nursing, occupational therapy, or chiropractic medicine.Other options include exercise or wellness careers in the fitness, sport or performance improvement industries, or a variety of coaching or teaching settings.