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A student working with a residence at the Village at Penn State.

Movement is a part of our everyday lives and the central focus of the undergraduate Kinesiology (KINES) program at Penn State is examining our physical activity — ranging from the basic mechanisms of human movement to the complex dynamics of physical activity in the context of human health and well-being.

KINES offers three flexible undergraduate programs:

With curriculum options that vary by campus — this multifaceted program includes coursework that addresses the complex physiological, biomechanical, and psychological mechanisms that power body movement. In-depth coursework empowers our students to use basic, clinical, social science, and humanities-based methodologies to provide outstanding service and outreach within the field of kinesiology and individual communities. By taking advantage of the many unique hands-on learning and research opportunities, you’ll hone your critical thinking skills and become well positioned for either advanced study or a career in various forms of therapy, athletic training, fitness instruction, and many health and wellness related fields.

Danielle Downs
Research Spotlight
Researchers in KINES among those awarded SEED grants

Downs, professor in KINES, is part of a research team who developed the Healthy Mom Zone, a project designed to provide personalized interventions to manage weight gain during pregnancy.