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All University Park employees, graduate and undergraduate students supported on wage payroll, and students supported on graduate assistantships must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Dec. 8, per federal vaccine mandate. Read more >>

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Students will continue to use Starfish to schedule all Academic Advising Consultations (ACC), including brief “drop-in” (Quick Answer Academic Advising Consultations=QAAAC). Students can select either a 30-minute consultation or a 15-minute Quick Answer Academic Advising session (Drop-in). Quick Answer Academic Advising Consultations (QAAAC) (Drop-in) are intended for questions that require limited review and analysis and explanations. The adviser may refer the student to other resources or to schedule another consultation if the questions or concerns require time beyond the timeframe set in Starfish.

Online synchronous Academic Advising Consultations afford students more Academic Advising Consultation scheduling flexibility. Students are better able to schedule advising consultations around their courses and personal schedules. Online consultations reduce wasted time and provide students with more options and flexibility.

All Drop-In (Quick Answer Academic Advising Consultations) sessions are limited to ONE or TWO quick answer questions or concerns (Not full academic progress reviews):

  • Clarification of an academic procedure or policy
  • General Education Review
  • A major/option degree requirement
  • Course prerequisites validation
  • Referrals to other services, departments or colleges