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We have a number of pieces of equipment available for lending. You must be an affiliate of our college to borrow this gear. You can borrow a PC while waiting for yours to be repaired. All equipment can be checked out by calling ISS (814-865-INFO) or send an email to

Classroom on a Cart

Mobile Classroom (Classroom on a Cart)

ISS has available two “Classrooms on a Cart” for check out by College affiliates. All pieces of technology required to hold a virtual class or meeting has been packaged into a turnkey, portable solution for use in spaces devoid of the needed technology.

Cart Contents: Dell Laptop 3410, webcam and tripod, Jabra SPEAK 510 USB VoIP Speaker Phone (for enhanced audio pickup and delivery), a Hub (Dell DA-300) used to interconnect the equipment, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and miscellaneous cables (HDMI, USB Extension, and power strip).

Optional Projector and Screen: One portable screen and projector can be checked out with a Cart if needed. We only have one of each. 

How Do You Obtain A Cart: Currently both Carts are stored in the ISS Office Suite in the basement of the BBH Building. To reserve the cart for your event, submit a ticket to ISS with the following info: Usage details, the location where used, is a projector needed, is a screen needed. ISS will then be in touch to work through your request.

Your Responsibilities When Using The Cart: After picking up the cart from ISS you are responsible for the security of the cart and its contents. Do not leave the cart unattended when it is not in use; in other words, please store the cart in a locked room overnight or when you are not using it between classes or meetings.

Lending Period: We would like to keep the initial lending period to a single event (i.e. one class period or one meeting event), so that others can make use of the carts. We reserve the right to recall a Cart if others are waiting and the previous lending period has expired.

Support For The Cart: The Cart is maintained by ISS. Any questions or concerns on its use can be directed to ISS at or by calling 865-INFO.


Both laptops and desktops are available for use in times when your own computer may be damaged or in repair for an extended period of time. You may keep a loaner until your computer is back in working order. The loaner PCs are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Send an e-mail to to schedule the loaner equipment.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that individuals unfamiliar with this equipment spend some time learning about it before its actual use.

Priority is normally given to classroom presentations by faculty who are unable to reserve equipment from Penn State's Media Tech group. Since most items are checked out several times per week, it is normally difficult to reserve these items for longer periods of time. Contact our office for more information.