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Instagram Takeover Responsibility Agreement

During a College of Health and Human Development Instagram Takeover week, we want to show our community – particularly current students, potential students and alumni – what life is like as a Penn State College of Health and Human Development student, alumnus, staff, or faculty member. That means we want you to feature your internships (as long as your internship agency approves it ahead of time), study abroad trips, engaged learning, classes, research, and activities.

By accepting this agreement, you will be authorized to access a Penn State College of Health and Human Development Instagram account for one (1) week or the previously agreed upon timeframe. Acceptance of this agreement also means that you have received approval from your internship agency, study abroad experience, mentor, PI, or activities coordinator to allow photographs/videos of your experience.

We have chosen you to represent the college/department because we believe you will showcase the best we have to offer. We want you to use your personality in a unique and respectable way and allow Penn State College of Health and Human Development's Instagram users and followers to get to know you, our internship programs, our study abroad experiences, our research programs, the student experience and our college/department. We want to cultivate a connection to our prospective students, current students, and alumni.

To help us, please DO post about

  • Internship responsibilities and projects
  • Every day activities
  • Internship events
  • Research activities
  • Your internship special project
  • Regular activities outside of the internship
  • Volunteer work and service projects

Remember that you are representing Penn State, the College of Health and Human Development, and your department, so what you may post to your personal account may not be right for the campus account.

Please DO NOT post

  • Profanity
  • About drug/alcohol use
  • Personal attacks
  • Pictures or videos containing nudity
  • Personal information about other people without their permission
  • Business promotions
  • Opinions about politics or university policies

Also, you are not permitted to change or alter the account’s handle, password, or associated email account. Do not share the password with anyone. You are the only authorized user and you will be held accountable for all posts. If you forget the password, please contact your social media takeover coordinator (do not reset it). The account is monitored and the College of Health and Human Development or the department reserves the right to delete any post or revoke your account access at any time and for any reason. 

terms of this Instagram Takeover agreement I have read and agree to the terms listed above.