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Our dedicated team of experts provides access to and support for a wide variety of funding opportunities and resources that pave the way to successful research and graduate study outcomes.

Office of Research and Graduate Education

The College of Health and Human Development Office of Research and Graduate Education is here to assist faculty and students working together to achieve academic pursuits and research goals at the graduate level.

Graduate Education

Facilitating graduate programs in all departments and schools, they communicate graduate policy issues and maintain an emphasis on graduate student recruitment and funding.

Proposals, Grants, and Contracts

In addition to providing advice and preparation of applications for external funds to support research, they administer post-award administration activities, and stimulate and facilitate research funding initiatives and activities. Faculty members are also available to help manage grants and research support issues.

Grant Submission Requirements

In accordance with Penn State requirements, all grant proposals must receive institutional approval prior to formal submission — and the College of Health and Human Development facilitates this approval process. Faculty must submit all proposals and awards through the College's Grants and Contracts Office to avoid contractual and budget problems prior to submission.

Funding Opportunities

Peruse this list of external funding sources for an array of research initiatives:

Penn State Funding Resources