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Return to Work Approval Request – department head, unit head, center director, manager

As the college resumes on site activity, there may be an increase in work that requires physical presence of some faculty and staff on campus.

Mere convenience or a desire for increased productivity is not a sufficient reason to request that an employee return to working on campus. Department heads, center directors, unit heads, and managers are encouraged to continue to think creatively about how to accomplish as much work as possible remotely.

To facilitate a phased return, it is important that requests only be submitted for those with a true need to return to campus at this point. Department heads, center directors, and unit heads should not make wholesale requests for the return of all employees in a unit. However, in the instance where a task does need to be performed on campus, department heads, center directors, and unit heads should discuss the need for return to on campus activity with faculty and staff who will be asked to return and request approval following the approval process.