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Heath and Human Development Return to Work Plan

The following College of Health and Human Development Return to Work process became effective for Fall 2021 semester. All University and college procedures related to return to work are subject to change. 


We must recognize that COVID-19 is a potentially serious and very infectious disease. It is incumbent on all of us to protect the health and safety of all individuals and to preserve the capacity of our healthcare systems. We must work together to balance on-campus work activities while protecting the health and safety of the workforce and the broader community.

Note: Throughout this guidance, “on-campus” includes any university facility or field site, including home/school visits.

Staff Planning for Fall 2021

The college has approved unit plans for staff work place assignments under the assumption that public health and university guidelines will not impose any room capacity or strict social distancing restrictions. Plans meet the following HHD criteria: 

  1. The majority of staff will spend the majority of their work time back on campus. 
  2. All offices that traditionally have had walk-in access for students or other University employees, will have some in-person presence during regular business hours. 

Approved plans consist of onsite, hybrid, and remote work assignments and vary from unit-to-unit based on business needs. Plans are approved for Fall 2021 semester only and approval for remote work is limited to work from within the United States. No approval for remote work outside of the United States may be given. 

Faculty Planning for Fall 2021

Unless an adjustment was approved, the expectation is that all faculty will return to on-site work as dictated by mode assigned for the courses they are teaching as well as the usual provisions allowing for discretionary remote work customary to the academic or research unit. 

Personal Safety Practices

All employees coming on site will be required to follow established personal safety practices.

Work Status Definitions

To assist employees and managers, we have provided the following work status definitions as a guide. 

Onsite icon-olus-circle
  • Performing majority of work onsite.
  • May still work remotely on an ad-hoc basis.
Partially Remote/Hybrid icon-olus-circle
  • Performing work remotely and onsite on a regular basis.
Remote icon-olus-circle
  • Working almost entirely offsite with only occasional visits onsite to pick up supplies or check campus mail. 
  • May also attend an occasional onsite meeting as necessary.

Adjustments to Work Arrangements

Any individual who is asked to return to work on campus who is not comfortable performing work on site may request adjustments to work arrangements. 

Review the HHD process for making adjustments to work arrangements 

Return to Research Activity

The college Research Office will continue to follow guidelines being implemented by the University on campus, including established personal safety practices. In anticipation of an additional of research-related activities, accompanying increases in on-campus presence and instruction, the Research Office reminds you of the following:

  • Capacity limitations in research spaces have been lifted
  • Social distancing in research spaces is no longer required
  • Approval for research personnel working in laboratories and research settings is no longer required (with the exception for in-person human subjects research, below).

In-person human subjects research

Revised standards for in-person human subjects research will be effective August 2, 2021. Research that meets certain criteria may resume without additional COVID-safety reviews and approval via InfoReady (NOTE: IRB review and approval is separate from COVID-safety reviews in InfoReady). All other in-person human subjects research requires review and approval of COVID-safety measures via InfoReady before resuming.


Kathryn Drager
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education

Dennis Shea
Associate Dean for Outreach and Undergraduate Education

Kevin Kelliher
Operations Manager, Facilities Coordinator, Safety Officer

Kari Allatt
Human Resources Strategic Partner

Craig Newschaffer
Raymond E. and Erin Stuart Schultz

Campus, Building, and Safety Protocols

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