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Data Storage

Local Services icon-olus-circle

HHD currently does not offer local shared file storage. We do allow researchers to store files locally, but they are not permitted to “share” the files from their desktop because of security concerns.

Central Services icon-olus-circle
  • PSU Box allows for collaboration between both internal PSU users and external users. Box supports Protected Health Information (PHI) data (with approval) and is approved for multiple data types. Access options are via the Web and/or using Box Drive.
  • PASS allows for easy sharing between PSU users, but it does not work well for external users. PASS has size limits of about 200GB per project space. PASS is not approved for PHI or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data. Access to PASS can be via a web portal or via a mapped drive.
  • ICS - Currently available on a for fee basis and is only intended for research data. HIPAA data storage approval is in the works. The college has purchased 70TB of Level1/Level2 classified data space to share among all of the departments and allocates it to those with very large, complex files. Researchers also have the option of paying for their own space. Access can be via mapped drive, Secure File Transfer Protocol, Secure Shell, ACI-I, or Globus. This storage can be tied to the PSU Clusters.

    Currently access is limited to PSU IP’s only. Level 1 and 2 data can be accessed from off campus using the new OoD Portal. The data in ICS cannot be accessed from outside PSU. ICS fees can be and are encouraged to be part of your sponsor-funded projects when these costs are for a specific project and purpose. Coordination with the HHD Research Office is critical to make sure these costs are included in your proposal.

Cloud Services icon-olus-circle

Any request to use a cloud service must be processed via Risk Management. There are economic considerations as well. The College wants to avoid the use general funds to purchase cloud services when multiple, capable services are available to all Penn Staters. PSU Box, AWS, and Microsoft Azure are available cloud services.

Data Classification

Information Classification Tool 

Consultation & Direction

Meet with the College’s Senior Analyst for Research IT (SARI) to review project technology needs. HHD Research Office Cost Justification Forms are needed for purchasing IT equipment with a sponsor-funded budget. Information can be found here:


Data Governance

Explanation of Research Computing and CyberInfrastructure (RCCI) - Research Governance at Penn State § See for more information

Research Technology

As far as research technology solutions, Check with the SARI for advice before purchasing technology. The SARI works closely with ISS to make sure technology meets the college support guidelines.

  • There are minimum PC configurations that must be adhered to in HHD. Check with an ISS Consultant before purchasing.
  • We must assure that PCs are configured and operated in a secure manner
    • PII Scanning, patching, and threat analytics must be capable of executing on all networked PCs

When working on the following non-financial agreements, please contact the SARI for assistance with various provisions

  • Technology Control Plans (TCP)
  • Data Use Agreements (DUA)
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAA)
  • Data Security Plans (DSP)

HHD Software and Licensing Requirements

  •  SAS/JMP – Yearly Subscription
    • Allows for second install on home computer. Limited to only running one instance at a time.
    • Renewal Date: July
    • EndNote – One Time Purchase
      •  Allows for second install on home computer. Limited to only running one instance at a time.
    • Sigmaplot – Yearly Subscription
      • Second install is not permitted
      • Renewal Date: January
    • SPSS – University License
    • MPlus – One-time purchase
      • Second install is permitted on up to 4 Computers. Limited to only running one instance at a time.
    •  Matlab – University License
      • Only 30 instances may be active at any time.
    • Adobe Pro DC/CC Suite – Yearly Subscription
      • Adobe Pro can be installed solo.
      • Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) must be installed with Adobe Pro.
      • Department will be billed at the end of each Fiscal year.

Operating Systems/Mandatory Software/Hardware Warnings

  • Currently only Windows and Apple operating systems are supported.
  • Windows computers must have Malwarebytes and Symantec security software installed at all times
  • Some Windows and Apple computers will have Spherion installed o Windows and Apple computer updates are installed automatically for security purposes o
  • At this time we are not purchasing Apple iMacs due to service issues. Check with an ISS Consultant on substitutions.
  • We also want to advise that the late-2016 line of Apple laptops are not able to be upgraded. Apple chose to solder components to the circuit boards effectively preventing updates of memory and disk storage. The configuration purchased is the configuration you will have to stay with for the life of the laptop.

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