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Students reviewing laboratory data after a screen.

Dual-title degree programs allow students to pursue an integrated graduate degree in a targeted area of focus within the context of their primary degree program. 

Dual-titles options typically represent areas of research that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.  As such, dual-title programs draw students and faculty from multiple departments, creating an interdisciplinary community with shared interests.

Students are eligible to apply to add a dual-title to their graduate degree program if they are:

  1. Currently enrolled in a graduate program that is affiliated with the dual-title of interest
  2. Are within the first four semesters of their primary graduate program.

College dual-title programs

The College of Health and Human Development serves as the administrative unit for two dual title doctoral programs:

Affiliated dual-title programs

In addition, individual departments may be affiliated with many dual-title programs. Dual-title options available for consideration for students in Health and Human Development graduate programs are listed below by department: