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Brittany Johnson
There's a lot more to biobehavioral than just what you learn in the classroom! You have to have people skills to be successful.
Brittany Johnson, CEO
Pathways Community Living

Brittany Johnson graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor's in Biobehavioral Health, in 2008.  She currently works as the Chief Executive Officer of Pathways Community Living. She also serves as the current President of Penn State's Biobehavioral Health Affiliate Program Group.

Career advice - Figure out what interests you most within biobehavioral health.

Career path decision - Once Brittany determined her passion area in biobehavioral health involved mental health, the rest is history.

Career path - Brittany's first experience working with mental health patients was as a family-based therapist.

How did you find your current job? - Research, research, research! Determine what your strengths are.

How is your job different than you expected? - There is so much more to learn outside of the classroom.

What advice would you tell your undergraduate self? - Your undergrad experience will be finished before you know it.