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Chelsie White

Sometimes it's literally the person sitting next to you in a classroom, who might be the person that connects you with an internship, job, or volunteer opportunity.

Chelsie L. White, Manager at Deloitte Consulting

Chelsie White graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor's in Biobehavioral Health, in 2010. At the time of filming, she worked as a Senior Technical Associate at The MayaTech Corporation. She currently works at Deloitte Consulting in Leadership and Workforce Transformation.

Career advice – Practical experience is the key to success. 

Career path decision - Getting a Master of Science in Health Policy Administration was extremely beneficial.

Career path - "I'm not sure if I decided on my career path, I think it decided on me".

How did you find your current job? - A presentation during grad school helped Chelsie get where she is today.

How is your job different than you expected? - You'd never expect 'soft skills' to make so much of a difference in a BBH career.

What advice would you tell your undergraduate self? - That person sitting next to you in class could be your future job connection.