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Epidemiologic and Genetic Methods Used in the Epi-GaPS Lab:

Longitudinal Cohorts and Methods

Linear and Logistic Modeling

Mixed Modeling

Complex Sampling Design

Multiple Imputation

Nested Case-Control Studies

Population-Based Genetic Studies and Methods

Epi/Genome-Wide Association Analyses

Principal Component Analysis

Structural Equation Modeling

Complex Sampling Design

Fixed and Random-Effects Meta-Analysis

Trans-Ethnic Meta-Analysis


Genetic Risk and Polygenic Scores

Family-Based Genetic Studies and Methods

Variance Component

Mixed Models

Generalized Estimating Equations

Complex Sampling Design

Heritability Methods

Quasi-Experimental Studies and Methods

Difference in Difference Methods


Epidemiologic Instruction:

Principles of Epidemiology (BBH 440, 3 credits)