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All University Park employees, graduate and undergraduate students supported on wage payroll, and students supported on graduate assistantships must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Dec. 8, per federal vaccine mandate. Read more >>

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  • Pennsylvania State University Social Science Research Institute. Human Health and Environment Seed Grant. “Water Insecurity, Stress, and Hydration (WISH): A cross-cultural exploration of psychological and biological consequences of water-related stressors”. Goal: Assess the role of water insecurity on stress and hydration status in vulnerable populations in different environments. Role: PI. (2018-20).
  • The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. “Water and Hydration in the Bolivian Amazon: Reinforcing Traditional Strategies to Reduce Water-Related Morbidities.” Goal: Run water-related workshops in the Bolivian Amazon with indigenous communities to reduce risk of dehydration and diarrheal diseases and reduce sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. Role: PI. (2017-19)
  • National Science Foundation. CNH2-S: Long Term Perspectives on Water Security, Food Security, and Land Management Among Pastoralists Experiencing Change. National Science Foundation. Role: Co-PI (Recommended for funding), 10/2019–23
  • National Science Foundation. Collaborative Research: REU Site: Past and Present Human-Environment Dynamics, National Science Foundation. Role: PI (Status: Recommended for funding), 09/2019–2022
  • Penn State University, Center for Security and Education Research. Healthy houses, healthy communities: improving water management to enhance health outcomes and global security. Center for Security and Education Research, Penn State University. Role: Co-PI (Status: Ongoing), 2019-2020