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BCL iLab Request Instructions

Before you begin

  • Create an iLab account

  • Have access to funds you are planning to use.

    • PSU users, this is granted by PI or designee.

    • non-PSU users will be contacted for an ARSO (Academic Research Service Order)

  • Ensure our services  are what you are looking for

Contact the BCL to be added to our core lab

  •  Supply your email, user ID, full name as it appears in iLab, PI name as it appears in iLab

To Request Services

  • Go to BCL iLab website
  • Scroll down to desired service
  • Click “Initiate Request”
  • Fill in form –
    • PSU users must select a correct account/cost center
    • non-PSU users will need to select any option other than "Standing PO"
    • If you cannot find what you are looking for in the form then please contact us
    • If you are having trouble, contact us, and we can help walk you through it

To Schedule Equipment for your own use - PSU users only

  • Obtain swipe card permissions to access appropriate lab room, if you need off hours use or multiple uses
    • PI must fill out the “Facilities Access Authorization Request Form” (it can be digitally signed and emailed from the PI to us
      • The "Area Requester Needs Access To:" is 358 HHD building
      • The "Duration of Access Required:" is temporary
        • Start date is when you are submitting the form and end date is 1 year later
      • The "Days/Times Access Is Required:" is whatever days and times you may need access
    • Schedule a meeting with BCL staff for training and to review and sign the Lab Safety Plan (allow 15 minutes, this can be done the same day as first time equipment is scheduled for use)
  • Go to BCL iLab website
  • Scroll down to list of equipment
  • Select “View Schedule”
  • Highlight needed time
  • Fill in form – be sure to add appropriate numbers on the right side of form and select the correct account/cost center