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Group of students studying in Tanzania

The Global Health (GLBHL) minor is designed to provide undergraduate students with an interdisciplinary exposure to the theoretical, scientific and practical issues affecting the health of people in various countries and regions of the world. Emphasis is placed on encouraging students to think critically and reflectively about the multiple factors or determinants that influence individual and population health, as well as specific policy and practice strategies for addressing a range of contemporary global health problems.

Upon completion of the GLBHL minor, students will:

  • Have a greater critical understanding of the complexity of contemporary global health issues;
  • Be able to critique the theoretical frameworks used to inform global health policies and programs in a variety of settings;
  • Display enhanced personal and professional skills in inter-cultural communication and competence; and
  • Be better prepared for occupations that demand interdisciplinary and global thinking skills and perspectives.

The GLBHL minor supports the goals of those who are planning health and health-related careers in research, teaching, or health services, in any of a variety of settings, including universities, government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations or private industry. The minor also provides valuable training for those who plan advanced specialist health training – for instance, in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, allied health (e.g. physical therapy, occupational therapy), public health, and so on. Completion of the GLBHL minor will strengthen students’ capacity to participate across national and cultural borders, and thus greatly enhance their competitiveness when applying for post-baccalaureate training and careers that focus on global issues.