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Jibreel Oliver 

Research Coordinator Washington D.C.

Image of BBH alum, Jibreel Oliver

Job Description 

Jibreel is a Clinical Research Coordinator and Asthma Educator at Children's National Medical System in Silver Spring, MD. A typical week includes Jibreel working in different roles, from leading the clinic's asthma education staff and working on federal grant projects, to jumping in himself and educating families on both the diagnosis and treatment of the lung disease. Learn more here...

Loves and Challenges

Interacting with families and connecting with children on all different levels. When the parents are learning, it is a direct line to the children resulting in a positive outcome. 

Penn State Experience 

Jibreel credits the size of the Penn State campus community, yielding the opportunity to find oneself. 

How to Prepare

Jibreel describes why community involvement is so important. 

Second Round Interviews

Jibreel shares his tips on how to succeed in a second round interview